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Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulation

By registering for the Salzburg 10K I acknowledge that the organizers will be excluded from liability for any type of damage. I will not file a claim against the organizers or sponsors of the Salzburg 10K or against the City of Salzburg or its representatives for any type of injury or damage sustained in connection with my participation in one of the competitions of Salzburg 10K. I am aware of the fact that the event will be held in any weather. I declare that my training prior to the race was adequate, that I am physically fit and that my state of health was medically confirmed. I consent to having the data provided in my registration form, any photos taken of me during the Salzburg 10K, films or interviews in any media used without payment. I declare that my age as provided above is correct and that I will not hand my race number over to anyone else.

Registration obligates to pay the entry fee. Entry fees are NONREFUNDABLE if entrant fails to participate.

I am aware of the fact that I can be disqualified if I tamper with the official bib number in any way, particularly if I delete any part of the bib number. I acknowledge that the organizers of the Lauf.Sport.Fest.Salzburg have reserved the right to disqualify me from the race in the event of a proven breach of the above obligations. (Note to Data Protection Act: your data will be electronically stored.)

Here you can find all detailed information about data collection and utilization at Salzburg 10K (in German).